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I hope you enjoy the range and variety of my work on show here – and if you can, please take your time.


Following a career in graphic design and teaching, I have had the delight of living in Cornwall, just off the edge of Bodmin moor, with my wife Annette in a part early 16th century house which we have spent a long time renovating.

During this time I have managed to do some of my own art work projects, teaching and many commissions for prints in both the UK and USA.

I have had one-man shows at the I.C.A. London, Doncaster and Sheffield.

As an artist I believe in the supremacy of drawing but can not tie myself down to one subject area or style – my responses and ideas dictate the form and medium.

The ‘ space ‘ between music and painting is the area that excites me most. I have especially enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with the marvellous Dante Quartet for 10 years during their Summer Festivals, putting on ‘ Paint the Music ‘  for children and adults. These sessions have proved that a visual response to music is quite natural.

I have always loved teaching – especially working with adults who believe firmly they can not learn to draw… introducing them to a structured programme and proving them wrong! This I have run several times at the nearby Eden Project as well as regular sessions with our local Art Group.